Get More Subscribers & Purchasers

Without The Headache
Of Complicated Membership Systems

WP Certify is a WordPress Plugin to Help You Market & Secure
downloads, purchases, content, coaching programs, video training or recurring payment programs.  

  • Simple To Use
  • Designed From The Ground-Up With a Marketing Focus
  • Affordable

"You can be up and running in under 10 minutes FLAT  WITHOUT any technical knowledge or experience..."

WP Certify is a KILLER piece of software !

WP Certify is a KILLER piece of software ! I never bothered with membership scripts, because they're too complex and I've been using my own software for this purpose, but this makes it even easier for me. Great job... I highly recommend this plugin for everyone who needs to secure content and downloads!

Cyril Gupta 
Software Developer

If you want to have an steady income online, you should automate most of your online business

If you want to have an steady income online, you should automate most of your online business.

The problem was that using some popular plugins you get so many features to setup simple things and sometimes are not compatible at all, wasting valuable time and money...THAT'S OVER !

Because now, you can have access to a new amazing tool to protect your files and content super fast: Wp-Certify;

I'm so impressed that soon I'm moving all my membership sites and all my protected downloads to wp-certify, highly recommended!

Jimmy Mancini


This is for you if...

  • You sell downloadable files from a WordPress website.
  • You provide access to private online content for your website subscribers and/or paid users.
    Eg: coaching programs, video training, recurring payment programs.
  • You're a consultant and want to have private personalized areas on your WordPress website for one or more clients.
  • You're a small business owner and you're aware of the benefits of keeping long-term customers, but all the membership systems you've seen are way too complex and out of your price range.
  • You're a marketer and would like to show only specific protected content to different types of mailing list and website subscribers.
    Eg. subscribers, low-ticket customers, high-ticket customers

Have a Look At What You Can
Start Using Right Away!

Unlimited Protected Areas

Overlay as many "protected areas" over multiple pages. No page updating required. Saves a lot of effort for existing pages and updates.

Download Link Protection

Download links for purchased products or opt in incentives are 100% protected per's impossible to detect the actual file download locations...

Registrations Captured To Mailing Lists

Integrates with ANY auto-responder. All you need is the HTML form code !

Drip Feed Content (Pro)

Use "scheduled access" over any pages within a protected area. This drip-feeds content to the user to keep them coming back to your site for more.

Payment Notifications Auto Processed

Any sale can trigger automated emails to purchasers.  WP Certify lets you personalize the emails and direct the after sales process.  Refunds auto revoke access rights.

Easy Upgrade Subscribers To Additional Access

Configure subscribers to have automated limited access.  Give them access to additional content to convert into buyers.

File Sharing Log Viewer (Pro)

Keep your download links secure.
Check if download links are likely to being shared. Identify unusual activity by user.

Full User Management Control

Manage users for each protected area. Add, edit, delete, and make users inactive at will.

Tutorial Videos & PDF Guide

Purchasers get access to a full set of tutorial videos and a PDF guide.  WP Certify is pretty intuitive, however we lead you by the hand for the most common scenarios.

Push-Button Content Control and Display Setup

WP Certify installs specialized buttons on the WP editor toolbar.  Click to protect links,  protect optin thank-you pages. Even protect content on same pages for different users.

Generate Registration & Login Forms, User Menus

Effortlessly create registration and login forms using WP Certify toolbar buttons to insert short-codes. User menus shows all pages a user can currently access.
Optionally customize using CSS

Protect Practically Anything With 1 Click

Fine-grained content protection from WordPress pages to any page content. Overlap protected areas and pages for different users to save on page duplication.

No more confusion and super easy

Exactly what I needed ! Running websites in various niches, with protected content and monthly subscriptions, this system makes life a lot easier...and CHEAPER for that matter. No more confusion and super nailed it with WP Certify ! Grab this sick deal is my advice... Thanks guys !

K.M.E. Byrne 
Niche Marketer

A huge time-saver with peace-of-mind built in

WPCertify is a huge time-saver with peace-of-mind built in. This plugin has made this so easy to create the codes that you need to protect your sites. No more loss due to illegally shared downloads.

Will be using this on all our WP sites from now on.

LuAnn Beckman

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